Valle Ca’ Zuliani, Sea bass, Sea bream

Valle Ca Zuliani

The name of the farm, Valle Ca’ Zuliani, originates from the traditional aquaculture activity that was done in Veneto lagoons. Nowadays, the property is Martini family. (Fig.1) Logo

The plant mainly produces sea bream fry and commercial size sea bream and sea bass, for Italian and international markets, as well as shi drum for the international market. The farm is comprised of two factories: one in Pila di Porto Tolle (Ro), where the administration is located, and the other one in Monfalcone (Go) in Friuli Venezia Giulia. The production has been divided between the two plants to protect the breeding from diseases. The sea bass breeders and fries are bred in Pila, and transferred to Monfalcone facilities for ongrowing while the complete sea bream production cycle (breeders - fry - growth) is performed in the Monfalcone facilities.

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