Learning activity - mussel farm Chalastra

hatThis is about learning activities

We would like workpackage members to develop two learning activities, based on the case(s) and/or country presentations, that you could use in your own classes with your students. 

What kind of learning activities can you ask your students to do using the cases? For example, The owner of the Norwegian Hatchery - Troms Stamfiskstasjon would like to increase production by 30%. You are engaged as a consultant to deliver a development plan with recommendations about technology needs and possible environmental concerns.

 In each learning activity, you might have to provide students with other information that is not specified in the case - you make up production totals or disease problems for example.

We would like you to specify the added information students must have to carry out the learning activity. Since each member of our WP has a different expertise, we hope to get a variety of learning activities covering several disciplines - technology, nutrition, health and so on.

  • Learning activity mussels farming - Find the appropriate distance between mussel socks based on the mussel condition index - Download PDF document
  • Learning activity mussel farming: Mussels Chalastra - Estimate the Carrying Capacity for Ecotourism activities in the marine-coastal area - Download PDF document
  • Learning activity mussel farming: Is there an adequate availability of food for current mussel production in the culture area of Chalastra? - Download PDF document
  • Learning activity mussel farming: Environmental Impacts of mussel farming on water quality - Download PDF document